what is a parlor room

What Is a Parlor Room? Home Trendsetters Need to Know!

Curious about what is a parlor room? It's the trendy, cozy spot your home is missing. Dive into its chic, social charm!

Ever wondered what is a parlor room and why it’s the talk of the town in home design circles? Let's talk about that one magical space where class meets comfort, and history shakes hands with hashtag-worthy style.

What is a Parlor Room?

what is a parlor room

Parlor rooms are also known as reception rooms. It was once the formal space in Victorian homes where guests were entertained, showcasing the family's best furniture and decor. This was the room that reflected the family's social status, often adorned with the finest art and most exquisite details to impress any visitor.

Glimpse to The Past: History of Parlor Room

what is a parlor room

The parlor room, derived from the French term 'parler' (to speak), is rooted in tradition. The parlor room has its roots deeply planted in the Victorian era—a period when these spaces were seen as the heart of social interaction within the home.

Historically, parlors were the rooms where families would gather to entertain guests, indulge in the art of conversation, and display their most prized possessions, which often included ornate furniture and fine artwork. This was more than just a room; it was a stage for demonstrating social status and for enjoying the finer aspects of domestic life.

The Parlor Room in Today's Homes

what is a parlor room

Moving from the past to the present, the parlor room has evolved into a flexible space, shedding its once stiff, formal exterior for a more relaxed and multifaceted interior. It has become a hybrid area where one can entertain guests in a cozy setting, enjoy a solitary moment with a book, or engage in lively discussions with friends. This versatility makes the parlor room an appealing feature in contemporary homes, offering a dedicated space that is both a nod to the past and a celebration of present-day living.

The modern parlor room is not bound by strict rules of decor or usage. It's a canvas waiting to be painted with the individual tastes and lifestyles of today's homeowners. Whether it serves as a sophisticated sitting area, a casual family room, or even a creative studio, the essence of the parlor is that it is designed for pleasure and personal expression.

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Why Do People Still Have Parlor Room in Their House?

what is a parlor room

They're like a cozy, Instagram-worthy backdrop for everything from lazy Sundays to house parties. And let's be real, who doesn't love a space in their home that feels like a nod to the fancy days of yesteryear but still screams 21st-century chic?

There's something about parlors that's just... cool. Parlor rooms have this special superpower – they bring people together. They're the antidote to the "everyone-staring-at-their-phones" syndrome when you have friends over. They're a space where you can actually hear the laughter over the sound of typing, and where stories are told face-to-face.

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Modern Parlor Rooms

Transforming the classic parlor room into a hub of contemporary coolness isn't just a home improvement project—it's a lifestyle upgrade. Modern parlors are the chameleons of your abode, seamlessly adapting to your daily life with an effortless blend of form and function.

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Multifunctionality at Its Finest

what is a parlor room

Today's parlor room can be whatever you need it to be: a snug spot for your morning coffee, a vibrant space for hosting your friends, or a tranquil retreat for some well-deserved me-time. It's where your personal style isn't just welcomed, it's celebrated—through every choice of furniture, décor, and layout. The best part? You make the rules here.

Deck Out Your Parlor Room with These Picks

Let's get down to business—the fun part where we jazz up your parlor with some seriously stylish picks.

Rockwell Candle Holders

what is a parlor room

Add instant sophistication to your parlor with the Black Rockwell Candle Holders. Their streamlined design brings a modern edge to your room, perfect for those evenings when you want to set a mood that's both relaxed and refined.

Trio Viking

what is a parlor room

The Trio Viking is not just another piece of art—it's a centerpiece that draws the eye and sparks interest. Put this in your parlor, and you'll have a bold focal point that ties the room together with artistic flair!

American Walnut Panel

what is a parlor room

Introduce a touch of natural beauty with the American Walnut Panel. This piece exudes a warmth that complements any parlor setting, whether you're leaning towards a traditional look or a more contemporary feel.

These curated selections are more than just objects—they're extensions of your personality, each contributing to the unique atmosphere of your parlor room. They bridge the gap between classic charm and modern-day chic, ensuring your parlor is not just seen but felt and remembered.


So if you're mulling over what is a parlor room and how it fits into your life, think of it as your home's very own VIP lounge—casually elegant, and ready for any scene. It's where every quirky, cozy, or sleek decor piece you pick plays its part in making your space the place to be. 

So go on, give that parlor room the glow-up it deserves with our snazzy selections, and watch as it becomes the talk of the town—or at least your own trendy tribe!

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