maximalist interior design

A Guide to Maximalist Interior Design: Because More is More

Uncover the secrets of maximalist interior design, where more is more. This guide offers tips on how to incorporate bold colors, eclectic furnishings, and personal touches to transform your space into a haven of self-expression.


Maximalist interior design is an exhilarating journey into the world of bold, vibrant, and eclectic spaces. It's a style that defies the minimalist trend, offering a canvas for personal expression through the use of a rich palette, diverse textures, and a mix of various design elements.

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The Essence of Maximalism

maximalist interior design

Maximalist interior design is characterized by its boldness and complexity. It embraces layers of vibrant colors, patterns, textures, and meaningful items. This style is not about random clutter but about embracing personality and favorite things, making each space unique.

Crafting Your Maximalist Space

maximalist interior design

To start crafting a maximalist space, mix eclectic furnishings like a Victorian-style sofa with modern chairs. Use bold colors, such as jewel tones, and introduce intricate patterns with wallpapers or throw pillows. Incorporating diverse textures like plush velvet and glossy finishes adds luxury and depth to the space.

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Balance and Harmony in Maximalism

maximalist interior design

While maximalism is about abundance, maintaining a sense of balance and harmony is crucial. The layout, furniture placement, and thoughtful distribution of colors, patterns, and textures help create a visually engaging yet comfortable space. This balance ensures that the maximalist design is captivating without being overwhelming.

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Personal Touches in Maximalist Design

maximalist interior design

Maximalism is deeply personal. Adding family heirlooms, collections, or custom-designed furniture and decor infuses the space with the owner's personality. Each maximalist space is unique, reflecting the individuality of its creator.

Who is Maximalism For?

maximalist interior design

Maximalism is ideal for those who adore vibrancy and have a penchant for the eclectic. It's for the bold, the expressive, and the adventurous; individuals who find joy in abundance and see their space as a canvas for personal storytelling. This style resonates with anyone looking to break free from conventional design rules and showcase their unique collection of life's treasures. Not for you? That's okay, we've got a guide on minimalism for you, here.

Artful Accents from

To further enhance a maximalist interior, consider adding art pieces from Their selection of decorative lamps and wall art can serve as focal points in a maximalist space, providing both functionality and artistic flair. Here are a few that we recommend:

Poppins Bird Lamp

maximalist interior design

This enchanting lamp features a delightful bird perched on a minimalist branch, casting a warm and inviting light. Its design marries natural elements with modern aesthetics, making it a standout piece in any maximalist decor. The lamp's playful yet elegant appearance adds a touch of whimsy, perfect for spaces that celebrate bold and unique styles.

Classic Lines Wall Panel

maximalist interior design

This wall panel boasts a striking pattern of clean, classic lines, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. Its bold and graphic design serves as an excellent backdrop in a maximalist setting, where its striking visual impact can complement an array of vibrant furnishings and eclectic accessories. The panel's sophisticated style infuses any room with a sense of dynamic energy.

Parallel Mosaic Wood Wall Panel

maximalist interior design

This wall panel exudes richness and complexity with its intricate mosaic wood pattern. It's perfect for adding textural contrast and depth to maximalist interiors. The panel's detailed craftsmanship and warm hues offer a luxurious touch, seamlessly integrating with other bold decor elements. It's an exemplary choice for those seeking to create a captivating and multi-dimensional aesthetic.


Maximalist interior design is a celebration of abundance, personality, and creativity. By embracing bold colors, eclectic furnishings, and personal touches, you can create a space that is not only visually stunning but also a true reflection of your unique style. Remember, in maximalism, the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.