How to Decorate Around a TV Stand: Expert Design Insights

How to Decorate Around a TV Stand: Expert Design Insights


The television, in today's homes, often serves as the centerpiece of our living areas. Yet, while it provides entertainment, it can pose a challenge for interior enthusiasts aiming to maintain a cohesive design flow. Finding the right balance between practicality and aesthetics when decorating around a TV stand is crucial. Let's delve into some expertly curated tips to master this balance, transforming the area into an appealing focal point.

Balance with Wall Art

How to Decorate Around a TV Stand

The expanse of wall surrounding a television can sometimes feel like an overwhelming void. Art becomes the bridge, filling this space and forming a beautiful backdrop. When selecting pieces, it's vital to choose ones that mirror the room's color palette or theme. Abstract pieces, monochromatic sketches, or subtle geometric patterns can establish balance without drawing attention away from the screen.

Moreover, the art's presentation is equally crucial. Consistent framing, be it sleek black frames, rustic wood, or metallic finishes, can unify the space. This consistency ensures the focus remains on the collective display and not just individual pieces, thereby enhancing the entire viewing area.

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Introduce Ambient Lighting

How to Decorate Around a TV Stand

Strategic lighting can dramatically shift the ambiance. While bright lights can create glare on the screen, softer, ambient lighting can craft a comfortable viewing environment. Consider installing adjustable wall sconces on either side of the TV, allowing you to control the intensity based on your viewing needs.

Additionally, the TV stand itself presents an opportunity. Placing decorative, dimmable table lamps or even a string of fairy lights can introduce a soft, warm glow. This creates a layered lighting effect, providing both functionality and a decorative touch to the space.

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Play with Textures

How to Decorate Around a TV Stand

Texture, often an underrated design element, can elevate the space around a TV stand. Starting from the ground up, consider introducing a plush rug or mat. This not only adds a tactile element but also anchors the entertainment space within the room.

Further, integrating varied textures can break the monotony. Think of a soft throw draped over a nearby chair or textured wall hangings that capture and diffuse light differently. Even the TV stand can host textured elements - a leather-bound book, a basket-weave tray, or even a decorative item with a tactile appeal, like a beaded artifact.

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Incorporate Natural Elements

How to Decorate Around a TV Stand

Bringing in elements of nature can mitigate the often tech-heavy vibe of entertainment areas. A simple way to start is by adding indoor plants. Whether it's a tall snake plant placed beside the stand or a series of smaller succulents adorning it, plants infuse life and vibrancy.

Furthermore, other natural elements can complement the greenery. Consider a wooden bowl filled with decorative stones or a clear vase with fresh or dried flowers. These organic touches soften the starkness of modern screens and electronics, establishing a warm, homely atmosphere.

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Utilize Multi-functional Decor

How to Decorate Around a TV Stand

In modern design, decor that serves dual purposes — both functional and aesthetic — is treasured. Consider decorative storage boxes or stylish trays that can conceal remotes or gaming controllers when not in use. This keeps the area tidy while adding a design element.

Moreover, some decor can adapt to the occasion. Candle holders, for instance, stand as sculptural pieces on regular days. But on movie nights or special occasions, lighting them up can instantly create a more intimate, theater-like atmosphere. Likewise, stylish magazine holders or decorative baskets can serve both as visual accents and practical storage solutions.


To conclude, surrounding a TV stand with the right decorative elements is akin to setting a stage. With the perfect backdrop and ambiance, even everyday TV watching can feel like a curated experience. Remember, the key lies in harmonizing practical requirements with design aspirations, creating an inviting and stylish space for all to enjoy.