Gifts that Start with Y

15 Gifts that Start with Y: You Won't Say "Yawn" with These!

Stuck on gift ideas? Same old ties, boring candles, another box of chocolates... yawn. But what if I told you there's a whole world of awesome hidden within a single letter? Let's explore our list of gifts that start with Y!
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Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. You want something unique, something that will spark joy and surprise the recipient. But sometimes, the well of ideas runs dry, leaving you staring at generic gift baskets or gadgets that make everyone yawn. This is where the fun twist of "Y" gifts comes in! Let's ditch the ordinary and explore a world of unexpected gifts that start with Y.

From delightful treats to experiences that empower, this list has something for everyone. So, get ready to unleash your inner Y-gifting genius!

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1. Yearly Planner

Gifts that Start with Y

Are you feeling too much? A monthly planner helps you set priorities for your work. You can make meetings, make to-do lists, and make sure you're spending time on what's important with weekly and daily spreads.

2. Yarn Set

Gifts that Start with Y

Let your imagination run wild with a colorful yarn set! This set has a variety of colors and patterns that will help you decide what to knit or crochet next. It's great for both new and experienced knitters and crocheters. The yarn set in this item has everything you need to start knitting a warm scarf or a cute amigurumi toy.

3. Yo-Yo

Gifts that Start with Y

With a yo-yo, you can remember your youth or teach a new generation about an old toy. This fun toy helps kids build their skills and comes in different styles and levels of challenge. Learn how to do the simple "walk the dog" trick or more difficult looping moves to wow your friends.

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4. Yogurt Maker

Gifts that Start with Y

With a yogurt maker, you can always have fresh, homemade yogurt. With this useful gadget, you can add your favorite fruits and tastes to yogurt to make it your own. It's cheaper and better for you than store-bought yogurt, and you can use it to make breakfast parfaits or a snack without feeling bad.

5. Yolk Separator

Gifts that Start with Y

An egg separator makes cooking and baking easy. This cool cooking tool makes it easy to separate egg yolks from whites, which is a necessary step in many recipes. This yolk splitter will become an important tool in your kitchen whether you're making light and airy meringues or a delicate hollandaise sauce.

6. Yardstick

Gifts that Start with Y

The uses for a yardstick extend far beyond straight lines. Need to measure lumber for a bookshelf? Check. Hanging curtains and require even spacing? Done. Planning a gallery wall and visualizing picture placement? Easy. From woodworking to sewing to basic home repairs, a yardstick is the go-to tool for tackling a wide range of creative endeavors.

7. Yamaha Wheel Decals

Gifts that Start with Y

Give them a set of cool wheel stickers to show how much they love Yamaha. These come in many styles and colors so that they can match their Yamaha model and style. There's a set for everyone who wants to customize their ride and get attention everywhere they go.

8. Yacht Building Kit – LEGO

Gifts that Start with Y

Take off on a building adventure with a LEGO boat set! This difficult but fun project is great for LEGO fans or anyone who likes building things that are difficult and have lots of small parts. When it's done, it will be either a beautiful piece to show or a fun toy for making up stories about adventures at sea.

9. Yeti Bear Doll

Gifts that Start with Y

Who says mythical creatures can't be cuddly? A Yeti toy animal is a fun and unique gift for kids or anyone who likes silly things. These cute plush toys come in different shapes and sizes, and are great for cuddling with before bed or giving their room a touch of folklore.

10. Yuzu Bath

Gifts that Start with Y

Treat their senses to a luxurious yuzu bath. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that is known for having a pleasant smell and being good for your skin. If you give them a yuzu bath bomb, bath salts, or even a bottle of pure yuzu essential oil, their bath time will feel like a spa, and they'll feel refreshed and ready to go.

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11. Yakult

Gifts that Start with Y: Yakult

Yes, Yakult! Those little bottles of probiotic goodness are a delightful way to quench your thirst and support gut health. While Yakult might not be the main event on its own, it certainly adds a playful touch that elevates any gifting occasion.

12. YouTube Premium 

Gifts that Start with Y: YouTube Premium

For the tech-savvy recipient in your life, consider the gift of YouTube Premium! This subscription service unlocks a world of benefits, including ad-free viewing, background play for listening to music, and exclusive content.

Give them that happiness where the world sees no more pesky ads that interrupt! Plus, the ability to listen to music in the background allows them to enjoy their favorite tunes on the go without draining their battery.

13. Yoga Mat

Gifts that Start with Y: Yoga Mat

Unleash their inner zen master with the gift of a yoga mat! This isn't just a practical gifts that start with y; it's a gateway to a fun and healthy activity. Yoga for adults (and kids!) is a fantastic way to promote flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. Plus, it's a great way for them to unwind and de-stress after a busy day.

A yoga mat becomes even more exciting when paired with a yoga class or an instructional video. Imagine them striking poses like Mountain Pose or Downward-Facing Dog, all while giggling and learning valuable skills.

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14. Yoda Plushie

Gifts that Start with Y: Yoda Plushie

The power of the cute plushie is undeniable! These cuddly companions offer comfort and joy, making them a universally loved gift. And for the Star Wars fan in your life, a Yoda plushie adds a whole new dimension of excitement. Imagine the adventures they'll embark on with their very own wise and powerful Jedi Master by their side. 

Whether they're recreating epic lightsaber battles or simply snuggling up for a movie night, a Yoda plushie is sure to become a cherished friend.

15. Yves Saint Laurent Perfume

Gifts that Start with Y: Yves Saint Laurent Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent perfume exemplifies the luxurious side of gifts that start with y. For the sophisticated precious one on your list, a bottle of designer fragrance can be a truly unforgettable present. The elegant scents and beautiful packaging make it a gift that feels special and indulgent. 

However, keep in mind the recipient's taste and preferences when choosing a perfume. Opt for a lighter, more playful scent for a younger audience. Then a stronger and more distinct one for the older and bolder recipient.


Forget about the normal and explore the extraordinary with the letter Y! This list showed a surprising range of gifts that start with the letter Y. It shows that you don't have to go very far from the alphabet to make someone happy or get them thinking of new ideas. Get rid of the "yawns" and welcome the "yays" with these unique and fun gift ideas!

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