gifts for 4 year old boy

60 Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy to Make Him Smile (2024 Favs!)

Find the perfect gifts for 4 year old boy! Our fun and exciting gift guide has ideas to make him smile, ignite his imagination, and keep him busy.


Finding the perfect gifts for 4 year old boy is a special kind of thrill. At this playful and curious age, boys are eager to explore, learn, and play in various ways. This is the age where their personalities shine and their imaginations run wild, and the perfect gift is required to make him smile.

When shopping for a 4 year old boy, it's important to think of something that will both make him smile and help him learn and grow. That's the kind of magic you can create with the right gifts for your favorite boy. If you want to see his face light up with pure delight, check out our amazing list of gifts for 4 year old boy!

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Educational Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

1. Alphabet Blocks

gifts for 4 year old boy

Alphabet blocks are fantastic gifts for 4 year old boy because these pieces tap into his curiosity and developmental needs at this stage. Blocks allow them to build whatever their minds dream up, from tall towers to fantastical creatures. This open-ended play encourages creativity and problem-solving skills. Plus, the letters themselves become a fun introduction to the alphabet, laying the foundation for future reading and writing. 

2. Counting Bears

gifts for 4 year old boy

Counting bears might seem like a simple toy, but they're packed with potential as gifts for 4 year old boy. These colorful bears are the perfect size for little hands to grasp and manipulate, which strengthens fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, sorting them by color introduces basic concepts like categorization, while counting them out builds early math skills – all disguised as fun playtime!

3. Magnetic Letters and Board

gifts for 4 year old boy

Magnetic Letters and Boards tap into a child's natural curiosity about language. At this age, boys are often starting to recognize letters and sounds, and magnetic letters let them experiment and play with those in a fun, hands-on way. This kind of open-ended play is crucial for a child's development, letting them explore their imagination and problem-solving skills. 

4. Interactive Globe

gifts for 4 year old boy

Interactive globe sparks your son's imagination by turning geography into a hands-on adventure. Many interactive globes use styluses that come alive with pictures, sounds, and fun facts when pointed at different countries. This keeps playtime engaging that's both stimulating and entertaining.

5. See and Spell Learning Toy

gifts for 4 year old boy

The See and Spell Learning Toy hits a sweet spot between fun and learning. The toy uses colorful pictures and letter pieces to engage a boy's interest, while helping him learn his letters, build vocabulary, and practice spelling. It can be a great way to encourage a love of learning through play. 

6. Matching Letter Game

gifts for 4 year old boy

Matching Letter Games are both fun and educational. This game helps them develop letter recognition, memory, and hand-eye coordination. Plus, the games are often brightly colored and interactive, making learning feel like play.

7. Picture Books

gifts for 4 year old boy

When boys hit 4 year old, their imaginations are soaring, and picture books provide the perfect launchpad for adventures. With colorful illustrations and engaging stories, picture books spark curiosity and fuel a love for reading. 

8. Coloring and Activity Books

gifts for 4 year old boy

Coloring and activity books helps with fine motor skills and encourages creativity and self-expression as he chooses colors and explores the pictures. Activity books take things a step further, with mazes, puzzles, and games that challenge his growing mind and keep him engaged for hours.

9. Simple Board Games

gifts for 4 year old boy

Simple board games are a fun way to engage with him during playtime. At this age, kids are developing their social skills and attention spans, and simple board games provide a structured activity that's both entertaining and helps them learn to take turns and follow rules. They're often brightly colored and visually engaging, which will hold his interest and make him want to play again and again.

Creative Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

10. Play-Doh Sets

gifts for 4 year old boy

Play-Doh sets tap into a child's blossoming creativity. With a variety of colors and molds, kids can sculpt anything they imagine. Beside that, squeezing, rolling, and shaping the dough strengthens the muscles in their hands and fingers. While they're having a blast creating with Play-Doh, they're also developing skills that will be important as they grow.

11. Water Drawing Mat

gifts for 4 year old boy

Water Drawing Mats tap into his creativity and love of discovery. The magic of drawing with just water and watching it disappear after a while is endlessly fascinating. Plus, there's no mess! This means hours of artistic fun for your little guy, without you having to worry about markers staining furniture or paint spilled on the floor.

12. Building Blocks

gifts for 4 year old boy

Building blocks are not only endlessly fun, but they also help him develop important skills. As he stacks, sorts, and builds, he's strengthening his hand-eye coordination a nd fine motor skills. Plus, figuring out how the blocks fit together gives his problem-solving abilities a workout. Building block play also encourages creativity and imagination, letting him turn those blocks into anything he can dream up!

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13. BW Pattern Animal

gifts for 4 year old boy BW Pattern Animal

BW Pattern Animal by ArtDigest is a wonderful gifts for 4 year old boy because it ignites curiosity and adds a playful touch to his room. With its unique giraffe design and eye-catching black and white pattern, it sparks imagination and introduces the world of animals in a fun, artistic way. Its durable construction also means it can withstand the energy of a young child, making it a long-lasting companion for playtime and discovery.

14. Art Supplies Kit

gifts for 4 year old boy

At this age, their fine motor skills are developing rapidly, and art supplies like crayons, markers, and paints provide a fun way to practice control and coordination. More importantly, art supplies unleash a world of creativity for them. They can express themselves freely through colors and shapes, building their imagination and fostering a sense of accomplishment as they create their own masterpieces.

15. Kinetic Sand

gifts for 4 year old boy

Kinetic Sand is like squishy sand that holds its shape, perfect for building castles, molding trucks, and letting their imaginations run wild. Plus, it's easy to clean up and doesn't stick to hands, making it a win-win for parents too.

16. Craft Kits

gifts for 4 year old boy

Craft kits help them use their hands and imaginations. Boys this age are learning to use their fingers and hands better, and doing crafts helps them practice these skills. These activities are good for their brains, helping them focus and solve problems. 

17. Puppet Theater

gifts for 4 year old boy

Puppet theater helps him use his imagination and play in new ways. At this age, kids are learning to talk better and think through ideas, and playing with puppets can help with this. They can make up stories, create fun characters, and act out little shows. This kind of play is not just fun, but it also helps them learn to speak well and play nicely with others. 

Active Play Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

18. Mini Trampoline

gifts for 4 year old boy

A mini trampoline is a great gift because it's a fun way to be active and use up some of his endless energy. It's safe for little ones to use and helps him learn how to balance better. He can use it inside or outside the house, so he can play on it any time of the year, no matter the weather. Bouncing on a mini trampoline is not just fun, but also good for his growth.

19. Balance Bike

gifts for 4 year old boy

A balance bike helps kids learn how to balance and steer without the tricky pedals of traditional bikes. It's much easier and more fun for young kids, helping them play safely while they build confidence and get better at coordinating their movements. Plus, these bikes can grow with the child, making it a gift that he can enjoy for many years.

20. Scooter

gifts for 4 year old boy

A scooter is fun and helps a four year old boy grow stronger and more coordinated. At this age, boys are learning to balance and control their movements, and riding a scooter is a perfect way to practice these skills. Scooters made for little kids are safe, with three wheels for stability, low decks for easy riding, and handles that adjust as they grow. 

21. Basketball Hoop

gifts for 4 year old boy

A basketball hoop helps him play and stay active. It's good for teaching him to throw and catch, and to play well with others. Playing basketball helps him learn to count and to understand space as he tries to make baskets from different spots. Most basketball hoops for little kids can be moved up as they grow, so he can keep enjoying it as he gets taller. 

22. Tee Ball Set

gifts for 4 year old boy

A Tee Ball Set helps a 4 year old boy learn and have fun at the same time. This set is just right for little kids because it lets them play a simple version of baseball. It has a stand that can move up or down, and the bat and ball are both soft, which makes them safe for small children to play with. 

23. Bowling Set

gifts for 4 year old boy

A bowling set is fun and helps him learn new things. Bowling can help him get better at using his hands and feet together, and he'll also learn about different colors and numbers while playing. Plus, the pins and balls are just the right size for little hands. 

24. Bubble Machine

gifts for 4 year old boy

Bubble Machine is fun and easy to use. Kids at this age love to watch and chase the bubbles, which is great for getting them to move around and play. The machine makes lots of bubbles by itself, so little kids can operate it easily, making them feel grown-up and in charge.

25. Play Tunnel and Tent

gifts for 4 year old boy

Play Tunnel and Tent set is great for play and helps him grow. Boys this age have lots of energy and love to explore. This set lets them crawl through tunnels and play hide and seek, which is not only fun but also good for their physical skills like moving and balancing.  These sets are easy to put up anywhere, inside or outside, and they can be packed away quickly too. 

26. Kickball and Bases Set

Kickball and Bases Set is fun and helps your kids stay active. Playing kickball can improve kids' running, kicking, and catching skills, which are important for them. The set helps teach them how to follow rules and play well with others, promoting good teamwork and sharing. It’s a fantastic way for him to have fun outdoors and get some exercise too.

27. Climbing Holds for Kids

Transform any room into a climbing zone with safe, easy-to-install holds. The game is easy to learn and play, which makes it perfect for young children to enjoy with friends. The set helps teach him how to follow rules and play well with others, promoting good teamwork and sharing. 

Tech Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

28. LeapFrog Learning Tablet

The LeapFrog Learning Tablet uses games to teach basics like math and reading in a way that’s easy for little kids to enjoy and understand. The tablet is also tough enough to handle rough play, and its size is just right for small hands. Parents can feel good about giving this tablet as a gift because it helps with learning while also being very entertaining. 

29. VTech Smartwatch

VTech Smartwatch is tough enough to handle rough play and comes with games that are perfect for little ones. Boys can take pictures or videos with it, too. The touchscreen is simple for kids to navigate, and the watch helps teach them how to tell time with cool, customizable faces.

30. Kid-Friendly Headphones

Kid-friendly headphones keep the volume low to protect little ears, so parents don't have to worry. They come in bright colors and often feature favorite cartoon characters, which makes them really fun for kids. Plus, they fit comfortably on small heads, which makes listening to music, playing games, and hearing stories even more enjoyable. 

31. Talking Microscope

Talking Microscope helps little ones learn about science through clear voice explanations and colorful pictures. This toy is easy for small hands to use and tough enough to handle the playful roughness of preschoolers. It comes with slides that show different things like plants and animals, explained in simple language. 

32. Remote Control Car

Playing with the remote control car can help a little boy get better at using his hands and eyes together, which is an important skill to develop at this age. It also lets him use his imagination as he thinks of different games and adventures with the car. This toy can also teach him how to solve problems, like figuring out the best way to get around obstacles. 

33. Interactive Storybook Reader

Interactive Storybook Reader makes reading fun and helps him learn. At this age, boys are learning more words and starting to understand stories better. This type of book uses sounds, pictures, and things they can touch to help them enjoy reading and understand the story.

Musical Instruments to Discover Sounds

34. Ukulele

Ukulele is a great gift because it's just the right size for small hands and it's easy to play. The strings are soft, which is nice for young fingers, and it helps with learning and having fun with music. Playing the ukulele can help improve a child's coordination and listening skills. 

35. Toy Drum Set

Toy drum set matches kids' high energy and curiosity. At this age, kids love to move and make noise, and a drum set is perfect for that. It helps him improve his coordination as he learns to hit the drums with the sticks. Playing drums is also fun and allows him to see how different actions make different sounds. 

36. Keyboard Playmat

Keyboard Playmat helps little ones use their energy by having them jump around on the big, colorful keys to make music. It's a fantastic way for a child to learn about music and sounds while playing. The playmat also helps improve coordination and physical skills as the child runs, dances, and steps on the keys to create tunes.

37. Mini Accordion

Mini Accordion helps a child learn about music and improve their coordination as they use both hands to operate it. The Mini Accordion also makes pleasant sounds and usually comes in bright colors, which are perfect for keeping a young boy entertained and engaged. It’s comfortable for young children to play since it has the perfect size for their little hands.

38. Harmonica

Harmonica helps with breathing and mouth skills. It's small, easy to hold, and can be taken anywhere, making it perfect for little hands to make music at any time. Playing the harmonica can also improve hand-eye coordination as the child learns to play different notes. 

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39. Xylophone

Xylophone has colorful bars that are easy to hit with a mallet, making nice sounds. Playing the xylophone helps improve hand-eye coordination as the child learns to strike the correct bar. It also helps with recognizing colors and patterns, which are important skills for young kids. A xylophone allows a child to make music and enjoy the sounds they create.

Puzzles and Board Games for Family Fun

40. Chunky Wooden Puzzles

Chunky Wooden Puzzles are fun and good for learning. These puzzles have big, easy-to-hold pieces that fit just right in little hands. They help a child learn about colors and shapes while playing. Plus, they are strong and safe, made to last even if played roughly. The pieces are colorful and often come in shapes like animals or cars, which makes them extra fun for kids. 

41. Gold Tic-Tac-Toe Game

gifts for 4 year old boy Gold Tic-Tac-Toe

Gold Tic-Tac-Toe Game by ArtDigest helps a child learn to think ahead and solve problems while playing. The gold theme makes it a special and sturdy toy that can last a long time. It’s also great for playing together with others, which helps a young boy learn to share and take turns. This game is not only enjoyable but also good for a child's development.

42. Interactive Puzzle Games

Interactive puzzle games improve thinking skills and problem-solving as children figure out where each piece goes. They also help little ones use their hands better and learn about colors and shapes. Most puzzles have bright colors and fun pictures that keep kids interested while they play and learn. 

43. Memory Matching Game

 Memory Matching Game  improves his memory as he tries to find and match pairs of cards. This game is easy to understand and play, which makes it perfect for little kids to enjoy on their own. It also helps him get better at paying attention and solving problems. Overall, this game is not only enjoyable but also helps with important skills he is developing at this age.

44 Magnetic Fishing Game

Magnetic Fishing Game helps improve hand-eye coordination as the child uses a small fishing rod to catch magnetic fish. It's a playful way to teach colors and numbers while the child tries to catch different kinds of fish. The game is colorful, easy to use, and can be played inside or outside, making it a wonderful and useful gift for young children to enjoy for many hours.

Vehicles Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

45. Toy Train Set

Toy train set is offering new adventures and learning opportunities. Building the toy train set tracks can improve boys coordination, and playing with it encourages him to use his imagination and solve problems. Plus, train sets are toys that can last for a long time, as more tracks and parts can be added as he grows.

46. Die-Cast Car Set

Die-cast car sets are a 4-year-old boy's ticket to adventure. These strong little cars are perfect for little hands and big imaginations. He can race them all over, make up his own stories, and build cool car cities. The best part is, while he's having a blast, his hands get stronger and his mind gets creative!

47. Monster Truck Rally Track Set

Rev up the fun for a 4-year-old boy with a Monster Truck Rally Track Set! It's the perfect mix of action and adventure. He can launch his monster trucks over jumps, race them around the track, and imagine crushing obstacles. With all the crashing and zooming, it's a guaranteed recipe for hours of exciting playtime!

48. Fire Station Playset

A Fire Station Playset taps into boys fascination with vehicles, especially big trucks like fire engines.  They'll love racing the fire truck around and creating exciting rescue scenarios. Second, fire stations encourage imaginative play. Your little hero can become a firefighter, using the ladder and hose to save the day.

49. Remote Control Boat

Remote control boat taps into kids' sense of adventure and lets them captain their own vessel.  Easy-to-use models with simple controls are perfect for little hands, and the back-and-forth maneuvering will keep them entertained for hours.  Plus, it's a great way to get them excited about the outdoors and spending time at ponds, pools, or even the bathtub!

50. Toy Airplane

At this age, boys are often fascinated by vehicles and flight, and a toy airplane taps into that curiosity.  Toy airplanes come in many varieties, from simple gliders to take-apart models, that can encourage imaginative play, develop fine motor skills, and spark a love for things that fly.

Outdoor Exploration and Adventure

51. Kite

Kites get kids active outdoors, running around and building coordination as they chase the wind. Kites are easy to assemble and fly at this age, with many beginner options that are lightweight and colorful. Plus, the sense of accomplishment when they finally get their kite soaring high in the sky is a memory they won't forget.

52. Garden Tools Set

A garden tool set gets him outside for active play, teaches him about nature and where food comes from, and lets him mimic grown-up tasks. With his own little tools, he can help you in the garden or create his own digging and planting adventures.

53. Playhouse

A playhouse sparks kids’ imagination, turning it into a fort, a spaceship, or even a cozy home. Playhouses encourage pretend play, which is important for social development and creativity. Plus, they provide a space for him to climb, crawl, and explore, helping him develop gross motor skills.

54. Sand and Water Table

Sand and Water Table offers hours of outdoor fun, letting him build sandcastles, create moats, and explore the wonders of water flow. It's a great sensory experience that keeps him engaged, all while helping him develop motor skills and imagination.

55. Stomp Rockets

Stomp Rockets are safe and easy to launch with a stomp, perfect for little legs. Plus, watching the rockets soar ignites their imagination and sense of wonder. It's a toy that combines playtime with a touch of science, making it a gift that keeps on giving.

56. Hopper Ball

A Hopper Ball is a fun way for him to burn off energy and get exercise while improving his balance and coordination.  Hopper Balls come in fun colors and designs, and they're easy to use indoors or outdoors. They're a simple toy that provides hours of active entertainment.

Bedtime Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

57. Galaxy RGB Lamp

gifts for 4 year old boy Galaxy RGB Lamp

The Galaxy RGB Lamp by ArtDigest is a fantastic gift for a 4-year-old boy because it's cool-looking with fun lights and colors that can capture his interest. It levitates and spins, which is sure to capture his attention. The lamp also emits a soft, white light, which can be a comforting nightlight. Additionally, the touch controls are easy to use, even for a young child.

58. Cuddly Bedtime Toys

Cuddly bedtime toys provide comfort and security, especially at bedtime when little ones might feel scared or alone. These soft friends can also inspire imaginative play, letting him act out stories and adventures. Plus, they're cuddly and fun to hold, making bedtime a little more enjoyable.

59. Story Time Projector

A Story Time Projector brings bedtime stories to life with pictures and lights, making them more engaging and exciting.  These projectors often come with classic tales and soothing sounds, creating a calming atmosphere that can help him drift off to sleep peacefully.

60. Musical Stuffed Animal

A musical stuffed animal combines the cuddly comfort of a plush friend with the captivating fun of music.  This can spark his imagination for playful adventures, soothe him at bedtime, and introduce him to the joy of music in a way that's engaging and age-appropriate.

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Choosing the right gift for a 4-year-old boy can be a breeze!  From creative toys that spark imagination to active gear to fuel their boundless energy,  the options are as diverse as their personalities. Remember, prioritize toys that encourage exploration, learning, and pure, unadulterated fun. This list has something to make him smile as wide as the sun. So, go forth and find gifts that are perfect for 4 year old boy ! The excitement in their eyes and the burst of laughter will be a gift in itself.