5 Vertical Slatted Wall Panels Ideas for a More Artistic Bedroom!

5 Vertical Slatted Wall Panels Ideas for a More Artistic Bedroom!

Get creative with captivating lines, embrace natural wood or bold colors. Design an inspiring and unique bedroom that reflects your true self!


Bedroom wall paneling ideas are one of the simplest ways to add charm and appeal to a room's walls and ceiling. Of course, this design harkens back to the 1970s. Still, instead of the dark and melancholy interiors it formerly produced, the contemporary style, combined with various white or bright accents, prepares the way for trendy interiors that seem modern and stylish.

To learn how to play with this architectural element, we chatted with industry designers who provided us with bedroom wall decoration ideas employing Vertical Slatted Wall Panels to make it appear fresh and modern. So, here are the 5 most excellent ways to give your bedroom ideas a new spin.

Choose Tongue and Groove Wall Paneling For A Cocooning Look

If you love wood paneling and want to push its bounds, consider stretching it from the wall to the ceiling for a single warm expanse of wood. This tongue-and-groove design is quite wealthy, especially in spaces with high ceilings.

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This striped pattern, known for its rich texture, may radically alter the ambiance of a room. When compared to drywall, horizontal tongue-and-groove walls genuinely stand out. This bedroom's wooden cot and black chandelier provide a distinctive touch to the space.

Slatted paneling is ideal for ceilings since it provides acoustic insulation between levels, which is especially important if you're designing an apartment other than the top floor. Even Shaker-style ceiling panels will suffice.

Choose Slats for an Elegant Look

Looking for a unique way to decorate your over-bed? Consider a beautiful wood strip panel in a dark, natural wood tone. This will give the room a dramatic impression while also adding touches.

If you like the idea of panels but want to try something new and different, consider PVC wall panels, which appear just like wood and allow you to add patterns to the area.

There are several recommendations for wood and PVC wall panels accessible here. The more alternatives you have, the more likely your architectural ambitions for your space will come true.

Use triangular flooring and paint the panels

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Paneling does not necessarily have to be in natural wood tones. One coat of paint, or several coats, may change wood into something suitable for your house while also serving as bedroom wall art.

Painted paneling is a beach home must-have in hues that reflect the outdoors. Consider the lovely greens and blues. Pay attention to the flooring if you want a more vintage vibe.

It is advised to utilize Herringbone Maple flooring panels. This flooring panel looks great and is simple to install. It is optional to hire an expert to put this together. All of the materials utilized are also waterproof, anti-microbial, and long-lasting.

Install A Textured Wall Panels for a Cozy Feel

Do you wish to add a pleasant and distinctive touch of coziness to your home? Install textured wall panels to create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance in your house. Textured walls are a simple yet effective technique to change the mood of a room, allowing you to create a warm and characterful environment.

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It would help if you thought about using 3D PVC wall panels as a suggestion. 3D PVC wall panels may provide a modern and beautiful effect due to their unusual design and three-dimensionality.

Furthermore, PVC wall panels are simple to install and maintain. So, please don't put it off any longer; select a texture wall panel that matches your style and taste, and see as your house transforms into a more warm and lovely space.

Choose Thin Strips for a Sleek Look

Thin wood pieces resembling moldings can make a wall appear textured, taller, or more prominent. If you want your house to seem modest yet elegant and appealing, this is a terrific bedroom accent wall option.

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You may use DIY shop moldings for primary paneling, but for a more unique look, try complex decorative-style panels produced from current composite materials and traditional plaster reliefs.

You can create a warm and pleasant ambiance with natural accents and appealing wood textures, ideal for unwinding after a hard day. So, be ready to investigate these intriguing sheer wall panel ideas and add a touch of gorgeous elegance to your house!


This article looked at five ideas for vertical wall panels that give your bedroom a more artsy feel. Patterned wall panels with vertical lines provide a room with a unique and exciting feeling that can be classic or modern. Not only do they add more color and depth, but they also show how beautiful art can be.

When you use vertical wall panels in your bedroom, you can show off your imagination. For a more natural look, choose panels made of natural wood. For a more robust look, choose panels with bright paint.

You can mix and match styles if that's what you like. Using these tips, you can make your bedroom an artistic and exciting place to relax and show who you are.

FAQ Related to Choosing Vertical Slatted Wall Panels

What are vertical wall panels with slats made of?

Vertical slatted wall panels are usually made of wood but can also be made of MDF, PVC, or metal. Each material has its own qualities, so choosing one that fits your design style and budget is essential.

How do vertical wall panels with slats make a room look better?

Vertical slatted wall panels give walls texture and visual interest, making them look modern and artistic. They improve the general look of a room by giving it depth and dimension, which makes it look more elegant and visually appealing.

Is it easy to put up vertical slatted wall panels?

Yes, installing vertical slatted wall panels is pretty straightforward. They can be put on walls with nails, glue, or clamps if measured and lined up correctly. But if you want a perfect repair, hiring a professional is best, especially for more extensive and complicated jobs.

Can vertical wall panels with slats be used in small rooms?

Absolutely! Wall panels with vertical slats are an excellent choice for small rooms. The vertical lines give the room a sense of height, making it more extensive and open. They can be a great way to open up small spaces and make them look more stylish and friendly.

How can I use vertical wall panels with slats as a focal point?

You could put vertical wooden wall panels behind a bed, sofa, or eating area to make them the focus. Their unique style will get people's attention and make the room more attractive. You can also make the panels stand out more in the room by choosing colors or tones that contrast with each other.